Precious metal heterogeneous catalysts are widely used in the production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, agrochemicals, liquid crystals and other fine chemicals. Suitable reachtions include:various hydrogenation reactions, reductive alkylation, reductive amination, hydrodchalogenation, various deprotection reactions, dehydrogenation reactions, and oxidation reactions.
Note: Products under patent are not offered for sales until patent expiration in the relevant countries.



產品名稱 CAS號 類別 產品狀態 應用
草酸鉑 Oxaliplatin 61825-94-3 特種化學品 Commercial Catalysts, Intermediates
順鉑 Cis-Dichlorodiamm... 15663-27-1 特種化學品 Commercial Catalysts, Intermediates
硝酸鉑 Platinum nitrate 18496-40-7 特種化學品 Commercial Catalysts, Intermediates
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